The San Diego Potluck Expo – November 15th 2015

With the cannabusiness industry booming it’s become commonplace to see highway billboards promoting cannabis events – I love it!  Unfortunately, until now I’d never actually been to one.  BIG MISTAKE.

I had no idea how much free stuff I was missing out on.  Ticket prices were $35 at the door, $30 online, and $25 online with a coupon code.  I can easily say I took home about $150-$200 worth of product for my small investment.  At the door they were handing out bags stuffed with freebies, including a nice new vape pen.

Within 5 minutes of walking inside I’d collected about half a dozen edibles.  By the time I left my bag was so packed that things were falling out.  And, mind you, this was a relatively small venue.  It was held at the Mission Bay Hyatt, sorta.  We were setup in a tent in the rear of the hotel, which I can’t help but think was done on purpose to shield the “civilized world” from us potheads… that’s a stigma that’s gotta go!

In all I was there for about 2-3 hours, and there were probably about 35 vendors there (my best guess).  Not bad, but not nearly as large as some of the big conventions.

Not only did I collect a bag full of samples, but I also won a free top-shelf 8th from one of the vendors who let you spin the wheel for signing-up with their collective.  This alone was more than I paid to go.

Otherwise the place was packed and I picked up a lot of cards and brochures and did lots of networking.  I’d originally planned to go with two other guys but they randomly disappeared a few days ago (don’t you hate that???).  Nevertheless I had a fantastic time even going alone.

The lesson I learned?  Never miss another cannabis event, like, ever.  You’ll just miss out on too much free stuff.  Also – arrive early (preferably just before the event begins), this way you’re guaranteed not to miss out on any vendor samples.  A few of them ran out early.  Overall though it’s a wonderful time if you enjoy canna-culture like I do 🙂

Here is the website for the event, which has now concluded, if you’re interested.



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